The Online Student Ratings system allows students to confidentially rate their BYU learning experience. Students are encouraged to provide feedback about their courses and instructors. After grades are submitted, reports of rating results are provided to BYU faculty and administrators. The student ratings are very important in helping instructors improve their teaching and in helping the University evaluate courses and faculty.

A message to students from President Worthen

We need your input. Student evaluations of BYU faculty and courses are extremely important.

  • Faculty are expected to review them to improve their courses and teaching methods.
  • Department chairs are expected to review them annually with faculty to assess teaching effectiveness.
  • University committees consider them carefully as part of faculty reviews to determine who is retained and promoted.

Without your responsible input, we cannot effectively assess and improve teaching performance and student learning. Please be honest, fair, and constructive as you complete your evaluations. And please remember, comments related to gender, age, appearance, race, ethnicity or family status are never appropriate.

Your evaluations really do matter.

Thank you,
President Worthen

Summer 2019 Reports

The reports for Summer 2019 are available for faculty and administrators.